We are Committed to providing ENT and Plastic Surgery medical devices & supplies.

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Invotec International has partnered with the ENT and Plastic Surgery Community for over two decades to provide medical devices and supplies in Jacksonville, Fl.

This page contains documentation to help you easily and safely manage our products to provide the level of care your patients' expect from you and your facility.

Patients ENT information

Patient Resources

Learn more about Middle Ear Infections and the treatment options available to patients.

To understand hearing loss, we must know some about the way we hear. We hear in two ways: by conduction of sound energy; and via neural pathways to the brain leading from our cochlea.

Understand your plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures including skin resurfacing, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty.

Cosmetic Surgery

We offer many different types of medical instruments for your cosmetic surgery needs.

The medical instruments we carry include but are not limited to brain and facelifts, facial boneset, breast implants, breast augmentation systems and instruments, esthetician equipment and supplies, hand-held surgical tools for assisting with surgery.

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