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There are several treatment options available when suffering from Otitis Media symptoms.

Middle Ear Infection Information and Treatment Options

Why do we have tonsils and adenoids?

Located on both sides of the back or our throats, are tissues called the Tonsils and the Adenoids.

Their purpose is to produce antibodies to fight infection and to capture bacteria and viruses entering the body via the throat. When infected themselves, these tissues can become very inflamed, swell, create pain and possibly cause difficulty in breathing. When this occurs, it is a good idea to see you phyician or an ENT surgeon. Surgical removal procedures of these tissues are called Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. In infants, when the surgeon removes both, during the sames procedure, the operation is often called a T&A.

Indications for seeing your doctor are: Swollen glands in the neck, a sore throat, difficulty swallowing and experiencing pain, and having a fever.

The physican will look into the throat using a bright light, head mirror, and dental type mirror. Upon visualization, the doctor will make recommendations on how to treat this condition.

Should you want to see more about tonsils and adenoids please reference these information websites:


Voice and Throat Function

Voice and Throat

ENT surgeons are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of the throat and the voice box (Larynx). Some Otolaryngologists have specialized in Ear or Facial Plastic Surgery, thus, would not see patients with conditions of the voice box and throat.

Throat or Larynx Function

The Larynx (Voice box) has multible roles. It not only is the key part in our abililty to produce sounds, to control pitch and volume of speech, but to protect the trachea, particular during eating, speaking, and swollowing. The voice box is one of the most abused human organs. Besides the diseases that afflict the human throat, we injest hot and freezing cold substances, we speak, sing, shout, and cheer. The larynx is clearly in the middle of all this activity and can becomes traumatized, diseased or injured. The team consisting of the Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon and Speech Pathology Professional are well trained in treating the various ways we injure our voice box.

The Treatment Team

There are two primary surgeon ENT types who specialize in the mouth and throat; they are called Laryngologists and/or Voice Surgeons. To find surgeons who specialize in the larynx, voice, and throat, goes to:

Speech Pathology

Another key member of the larngeal and voice treatment team is titled, “Speech Pathology”. These trained professionals adminster a battery of tests and examinations to visualize and diagnose anamolies of the voice box. A Masters Degree or PHd are the traditional credentialing requirements to practive Speech Pathology or Speech Therapy.

To find more about Speech Therapy and Speech Pathology

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