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Latex and MRI Compatibility

Invotec International, Inc.

Latex Statement

Invotec International sells only one product that contains latex rubber: The balloons supplied with the autoinflation system, Otovent® and sold separately, Invotec Catalog Numbers 90-00000, 90-00001, 90-00002, 90-0000B.

Magnetic Properties of Invotec International Middle Ear Implants

Invotec International supplies Ossiculoplasty Implants made from Titanium and Stapes replacement Prostheses of Fluoroplastic.

Stainless Steel Wire connected to Ventilation Tubes. ( ASTM 304V)
Titanium or Titanium Alloy: Grade 4 DIN 17850 / ASTM F 67.
Fluoroplastic Polymer, silicone polyproplyene

These materials have been certified safe up to 1.5T.