Latex & MRI compatability statement

MRI Machine

Latex Statement

Invotec International sells only one product that contains latex rubber: The balloons supplied with the autoinflation system, Otovent® and sold separately, Invotec Catalog Numbers 90-00000, 90-00001, 90-00002, 90-0000B.

MRI Compatability

Magnetic Properties of Invotec International Middle Ear Implants
Invotec International supplies Ossiculoplasty Implants made from Titanium and Stapes replacement Prostheses of Fluoroplastic. Stainless Steel Wire connected to Ventilation Tubes. ( ASTM 304V)
Titanium or Titanium Alloy: Grade 4 DIN 17850 / ASTM F 67. Fluoroplastic Polymer, silicone polyproplyene These materials have been certified safe up to 1.5T.

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