Gelatin Packing

EquiSpon Gelatin Sponges and Film USP

Gelatin Sponges and Film USP

Indicated for use to control minimal bleeding by tamponade effect, blood absorption and platelet aggregation following ENT surgery and to prevent adhesions in the nasal cavity. EquiSpon® is effective in supporting the new graft in the outer ear canal after tympanoplasty and buttressing middle ear implants.

• Sterile

Number Description Dimensions Size Qty/Box
EQU60-20-07 EquiSpon Sponge 60 x 20 x 7 mm 12-7 10
EQU125-80-10 EquiSpon Sponge 125 x 80 x 10 mm 100 5
EQUF200-70-05 EquiSpon Film 200 x 70 x 5.0 mm 10
EQU80-50-10 EquiSpon Sponge 80 x 50 x 10 mm 50 10
EquiSpon Powder

Gelatin Powder

• Sterile

Number Description Qty/Box
EQP-01 EquiSpon Powder 4
EQP-01K EquiSpon Hemostat Sterile Wrapped Kit, includes:
2 each 10cc Luer Loc syringes
1 16g, 1½”, Hypodermic tranfser needle
17g, 4” (15cm) flexible cannula, Luer Loc hub
1 gram gelatin powder in sterile mixing container
EquiSpon Tampon

EquiSpon Tampon

• Sterile

Number Description Size Qty/Box
EQU80-30-00 EquiSpon Sponge, Fenestrated Cylinder 80 x 30 mm 5